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For over 35 years, at Recondis we have produced and marketed high quality recyclable waste balers. We specialize in the manufacture, marketing, installation and commissioning of this equipment designed to streamline the baling process in your workspace. Our balers are recognized worldwide, being appreciated for the technological benefits they have brought to customers around the world.


To assist recyclable waste generators and collectors, we offer a full range of services and benefits. As a manufacturer, we make available to our customers a wide range of easy to use equipment, manufactured without using industrial robots and manually checked for quality assurance.


Why choose Recondis recyclable waste balers:


– We offer the possibility to purchase directly from the factory, being producers of the equipment we sell

– We offer technical support for operating the equipment and maintenance support, so that you can enjoy the baler for a long time

– On request, we can temporarily supply equipment that is in stock, to solve short-term needs, until the newly ordered equipment is delivered

– All the operating menus of the balers and the technical documentation are in Romanian

– All our baling equipment has the appropriate CE and ISO certificates.


In addition, Recondis specialists provide you with a full range of pre-sale services. Thus, we will ensure together that you will make the right choice according to the needs of your business, which will make your business more efficient in the long term.


We help our customers with the following services:


Cost-free consultancy for choosing the right equipment

Cost-free 3D design for the location plan of the chosen baler

Computer-assisted simulation of equipment operation.


In order to get in touch with one of our representatives, please contact us. We are here to make your choice easier and to grow your business!

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