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We have rented from Recondis Technology a vertical SH baling press for foil and cardboard, this being made available to us in a short time, having all the necessary revisions made. We certify the quality of the products and services offered by Recondis.

Ana Abușan, administrator of SC REC PROD IMP EXP SRL DEVA

We have chosen to collaborate with Recondis Technology SRL starting with 2017 and we will continue the collaboration due to the involvement, professionalism and dedication of the employees of this company. I recommend Recondis as a reliable collaborator for any company with which you will relate.

Cristian Pătrașcu, administrator of SC EKONATIONAL DISTRIBUTION SRL

The company Recondis Technology SRL rented us equipment for the household and recyclable waste industry and proved to be a professional, punctual and reliable collaborator, strictly respecting the contractual conditions assumed. The Recondis team responded promptly, giving us the support in finding the best technical and economic solutions for our requests. We highly recommend Recondis.

SC Hamburger Recycling SRL

SC Recondis Technology SRL is a serious, prompt partner, who fulfills his contractual obligations on time. We appreciate the quality of the products offered, as well as the availability and flexibility of the team.

Florina Medrea, SC Rematholdiong SRL

The pre-containers ordered were delivered in a timely manner. These were made to order, customized according to the operating requirements of our suppliers of packaging waste. The technical aspects of electricity connection ordered by us were assembled by the mobile service team of Recondis company after the delivery of the pre-containers.


Vertical baling presses produced by Recondis have helped us save time and essential resources in our activities. We are grateful for all the technical solutions and interventions that the Recondis team has provided us throughout our 5 years collaboration. We appreciate the professionalism and promptness of the mobile service team and we trust that we will continue to have a beneficial collaboration.

As a customer, we recommend Recondis as a serious, prompt partner, who fulfills his contractual obligations on time, offering useful and quality products at competitive prices. Since 2015 we have been working with Recondis and we will continue the collaboration due to the availability, flexibility and quality of the products offered. Through the professionalism of its employees, the Recondis team always responded promptly and offered us full support in choosing the best solutions for our requests.

Adrian Mărculescu, administrator SC ALPIN RECYCLING SRL

During the entire period of the contract’s performance, Recondis Technology SRL has demonstrated all the qualities necessary for a reliable partner. They are a team of professionals who respond promptly to our requests and always give us support when we need it. I highly recommend Recondis services and products for both their quality and the competitive prices of the equipment sold.


We have for rent 5 equipment that we use for the transport and compaction of the cardboard. From a technical point of view, the machines are in accordance with the requirements of the contract. When technical problems appeared, the Recondis maintenance team responded in a timely manner, providing quality services.

Ionuț Ioniță, Coordinator of South Zone Collection Centers

We have chosen to work with Recondis Technology SRL since 05.01.2017 and we will continue the collaboration due to the availability and quality of the products offered. We consider that Recondis offered us the best solutions for our requests and we recommend to any company to collaborate with Recondis.


The automatic waste balers Recondis Technology SRL are meeting our expectations. They are effective for packing a wide range of packages, blisters, cardboard, plastic and, moreover, they are competitively priced and of impressive quality. The hydraulic system has a high speed. We appreciate the spontaneity of the service team in their interventions, at our requests and we will surely continue our collaboration with Recondis for a long time.

During the course of our contract, the Recondis Technology team has always provided us with the best solutions according to our requirements. The equipment made available for rent is easy to use and integrate into our workspace, and every time we needed technical advice or interventions, the service team responded promptly to our requests. We highly recommend Recondis Technology SRL for a long-term partnership.

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