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Machinery for processing waste also requires maintenance.
A study revealed that it is 5 times cheaper to do predictive maintenance now than actual services. Although we have educational procedures for films and films that show how garbage and pre-container operators should make weekly maintenance mandatory, many ignore them. Entrepreneurs choose not to put pressure on operators and thus end up doing only coercive services, which is much more expensive.



When you follow the instructions in the operator’s manual on maintenance it is called peace.. Technological silence because the production flow is not affected.
But they must be observed with holiness. We have a partner who sends us the order for technical verification for pre-shipment six months in advance. It’s perfect!
Although you can call a third-party company or even the company that sold your equipment, they specialize in major operating problems and may cost you quite a lot to do simple maintenance operations that they should do. operators of baling presses.



The operator must be the one who performs the maintenance according to the technical data sheet of the machine regarding the sanitation of the machine. Keeping the organs in motion wrong, removing the dirt deposited on them, checking the state of the systems and the wear of the consumable components saves over 80% of the expenses with the maintenance of the machines.


Hire qualified operators, make simulations with them and whenever the operator changes, send him to the qualification for the operation of that machine.


Call the service company only for periodic technical checks as a cheaper component of predictive maintenance. Usually each user manual or instruction manual dedicates a chapter on current maintenance. There, the types of operations are broken down by the operator’s tasks and the tasks of an authorized service team. You just have to take those actions.



I RECOMMEND “NO” to maintain the machinery for processing waste
You have nothing to lose. Only a few days of stagnation of the machine, a fork of money, unrealized production and so on. Instead, you pay a visit to the doctor based on a nervous breakdown.
Bineeee I was kidding. You still earn something. Prosecutor’s visit in case of an accident at work. And if it is serious…. Well, who … your stay at the prosecutor’s office.
Hmmm … I don’t like jokes on your money. It is not like that ? Well then why are you kidding with maintenance?
Let me tell you why. Because it’s like cancer. It only hurts when it’s too late.


Do you know what your operator is doing? Since the maintenance of the equipment. Or if he does it do it right?


When things do not happen as we would like a part is the fault of the operator but the management team is guilty because it did not have the correct implementation of the maintenance procedures. This is where most mistakes are made at work. It’s not enough to tell her what to do. You need to know how to tell her and how to show her.
Attention … “HOW” is very important.
And if it can be in a continuous form and within the reach of the operator.


I solved the mystery
Well, it’s not nuclear science to notice that the working protocols, legislative directives and other procedures with which companies operate are outdated. So you feel like you got dust from an old paper when you started to put the form of communication into practice. Although the content is often good.


We encourage you to comply with the legislation in force, but we have re-created it for example a procedure for putting in place baling presses and waste containers. This procedure is in the form of an intuitive booklet with illustrations with which we work wonderfully with the beneficiaries of the equipment.



Of course, we provide all the necessary documents and instructions in written form. User manual for baling waste presses, User manual for pre-containers, operator’s book and other related documents. But it seems that these are no longer enough. We have so much information that we simply lose focus if we do not receive them briefly and in an easy to remember form.


Precisely for this reason at Recondis we began to transpose in the form of videos the operating manual and the usage book for waste balers and pre-containers. We have created these videos with educational lessons for operators to better understand how to work with the equipment.



These are available on www.recondis.comand on our youtube channel. This way operators can access them faster and more conveniently. This eliminates the risk of incorrect operation of the machine. We will publish more and more in the next period.


When it comes to maintenance and service you can consult a video in which we have included several aspects of the same tasks. From greasing to cleaning everything is explained in this short educational film. You can take advantage of these two tools to make your work easier and more interactive with more good results.


We do not encourage to miss the written procedures and normative acts. They’ll be good too. But in everyday work you need a synthesis of them, an effective working tool. Now, at least for the baler presses waste and recyclable materials, you have it. Use them with confidence. It is free!


When to call the authorized technical team?



The answer is very simple. Every time you want. Whenever you think it’s necessary. Any day. Any night … ah no. For holidays or when you go on vacation


Okay now. We will serve you as quickly as we can regardless when you call us.


Given the fact that in addition to the specific waste processing equipment you also have other machines, maybe a waste sorting station would be super profitable for you to hire an electromechanical, send it to the qualification and to obtain the necessary credentials. It will save you in time some unnecessary expenses.


We at Recondis will provide unlimited free assistance!


But when it is necessary, we can reach the intervention in maximum 48 hours. We have parts in stock and an authorized team that has the right to grant or revoke the compulsory operating visa of the machines for processing waste.


P.S. And if you choose to work with us… .. as discussed in a previous article we can give you free access to the Recondis Reports Application where you can receive and view real-time data about your machines and their maintenance history.


We now offer you a free maintenance chart for your equipment. You will have a description of each operation to be performed and by whom to perform. In addition, and many other tips, we can give you because of our experience.


Leave us your email now and we will send you this information. We will send you more and more educational films on maintenance.

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