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Instructions for maintenance Compactor


In principle, it is recommended to conclude a contract for maintenance works with Recondis Technology. Maintenance works will be performed twice a year by our after-sales department.

Thanks to the special experience of our installers, the source of the errors will be detected and fixed in time.


The safety devices for the prevention of hazards must be maintained at regular intervals according to § 39 (3), VBG 1- General Rules and according to TGRS 560. They must be checked by a qualified person at least once a month to determine their technical functioning.



A qualified person is a person who, as a result of training and experience, has sufficient knowledge about the equipment used.

Furthermore, a qualified person must be familiar with the applicable occupational safety rules, the accident prevention rules, the generally accepted technical criteria and rules, so as to be aware of the safe working conditions for the equipment used.

1.1 General


The automatic compactor can only be put into operation with the protective caps fitted and properly closed.

During maintenance and repair works, the machine must be completely stopped and secured against unauthorized re-closing.




Parking in the danger area, during the special works described is allowed only for the trained personnel and/or for the specialists, observing the appropriate safety instructions.




All the works for the commissioning of the machine, for maintenance and repairs, can only be performed by qualified personnel and must be verified by the responsible specialists.

The operator should inform the supervisor of any problems or irregularities as soon as possible.

This applies to both the mechanical and the electrical equipment.

The instructions for use, maintenance tools and devices, lubricators and lubrication nipples, as well as the cleaning substances and lubricants of the automatic compactor must be kept in the intended boxes.

When using oils, grease and other substances, observe the specific safety rules and legal provisions in force for this equipment!

Follow the instructions for adjustment, including the instructions for replacing spare parts.

These works can only be performed by qualified personnel, with sufficient knowledge and appropriate tools.



Unplug the connection plug from the socket before cleaning.

Never point a jet of water directly at the electrical components, bearings or lubrication points.

Regularly check and clean the space where the hydraulic cylinder is installed.


1.3 Maintenance
1.3.1 Compactor maintenance plan

This page presents a list of maintenance works, information on maintenance intervals and references with works descriptions.

WorkIntervalAuthorized persons
Hinged lid, mounted above the machineDailyA
Main switchDailyA
Emergency stop switch, check the operationWeeklyA
Safety signs, intact and legibleWeeklyA
Cleaning flap with safety switch, check the operationMonthlyA
Check the condition of the mains, connection cableMonthlyF
Check the condition of the mains, connection plugsMonthlyF
Compactor closing mechanism, function and lubricationMonthlyA
Compactor emptying doorMonthlyA
Check the hydraulic oil levelEvery 6 monthsA
Identification plate, intact and legibleEvery 6 monthsA
Engine protection relayEvery 6 monthsF
Check the fuses and replace them if necessaryEvery 6 monthsA
Check the condition of the polyamide railsEvery 6 monthsF
Check the correct positioning of the hydraulic jointsEvery 6 monthsF
Check the correct positioning of the other joints and if there are missing partsAnnuallyA
Check the hydraulic cylinderAnnuallyA
Lubrication of lubrication pointsAnnuallyA
Change the supply block oilAnnuallyF
Filter unit replacement (hydraulic oil)AnnuallyF


Maintenance work for all electrical installations can only be performed by specialists or trained persons.



A = Works that can be performed by the machine user

F = Works that can be performed by a specialist (e.g. RECONDIS repair technician)

1.3.2 Description of maintenance works

The intervals for maintenance works are generally indicated in hours (h). Based on experience, determine how many hours per day the compactor will be in operation. Based on these figures, calculate the number of working days matching the operating hours.

The maintenance intervals provided apply to normal operating conditions. In the case of extreme operating conditions, such as high humidity, aggressive environment, temperature fluctuations, etc., the maintenance intervals should be reduced according to the conditions. Please contact the RECONDIS after-sales department.



corp de presare

During maintenance and repair works, the compactor must be completely stopped and secured against unauthorized re-closing. In the case of other procedures, this will be especially emphasized.

  • Check the hydraulic oil level
  • First bring the bailing body to the end open position (see drawing)
  •   Unplug the power cable plug before starting work
  • Remove the screws from the hinged door.
partea hidraulica
  • Check the tightness of the hydraulic equipment of the machine (visual check)
  • Remove the filter from the vent of the tank
  • Make sure that the distance between the liquid level and the upper edge of the threaded sleeve does not exceed 4-5 cm
  • Top up the hydraulic oil if necessary. Information about the hydraulic oil to be used is presented in the “Fuels, Specifications” section
  • Please keep the area around the filter clean for the tank ventilation
  • If no maintenance work is to be carried out in this area, replace the protective caps and secure them tightly.


Oprirea de urgenta

Emergency stop, operation check

Push the emergency stop switch (A). The switch must lock in this position.

Push the “Start” button (B) to check if the safety switch operates correctly.

The test is successful if the machine does not start.

Pull the emergency stop switch and lock it. Check the operation of the second emergency switch too.

If no maintenance work is to be carried out in this area, re-install the protective caps removed and secure them tightly.

Check the identification plate for damage and legibility.

Replace the plate if it is damaged and illegible.



Current, connection cables – condition check

Check the connection cable for damage such as crushing, porosity. If damage is observed, the connecting cable must be replaced immediately by an electrician.

Standard type – 5 x 4,0 mm2





The compactor must not be operated if the connecting cable is not in the proper condition.




Current, connection plugs – condition check

Remove the plug from the socket before opening the control cabinet.

Open the control cabinet.

Check all plug circuits for signs of obvious damage, such as corrosion.

The circuits of a damaged plug must be replaced immediately by an electrician.

There can be used a plug complying with VDE 0165, para. 7.1.4

Close the control cabinet after the works are completed.

Engine protection relay (F2)

AR Standard type:   11 A adjustment

LIST OF CHECKS when the compactors malfunction

No.MalfunctionPossible causeRemedyAuthorized persons
1The engine does not start§ The electrical connection


§ The emergency button is enabled


§ The service door is not closed properly


§ The engine protection is enabled


§ Worn fuses


§ There is no electricity supply


§ Check the electrical connection

§ Disable the emergency button

§ Check the service door and the safety button

§ Check if the engine protection is in the “AUTO” position. Wait until the engine protection exits the automatic mode

§ Replace the worn fuses

§ Check the mains
















2The hydraulic cylinders do not move§ The emergency stop is enabled


§ Out of phase engine operation

§ Disable the emergency button


§ Check the steering, change the clips





3Abnormal noise§ Worn polyamide guides


§ Out of phase pump operation


§ Wrong materials in the hopper

(e.g. abrasive materials, metal profiles)

§ Replace the guide


§ Replace the clips



§ Remove the materials









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