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Free services offered by Recondis for monitoring the maintenance of waste balers and waste sorting stations?


An integrated online maintenance monitoring module


Recondis Reports is an online product where you can monitor maintenance actions, equipment history, error reports and more. In today’s context, more and more intelligent solutions are used to manage the operation of the equipment. These solutions have helped other operators like you. They also have a social impact and help you stay on the safe side of things.



Digitization in technological processes


It is true that we have evolved a lot lately in terms of waste management but we still have a lot of work to do until the situation is as we like it. Of course, this “we like” needs to be defined. I do not think it is necessarily a good thing to copy what other states do because each people have their own consumption pattern and the structure of the waste may be different. From here, the technological needs for the processing of household waste can also be different.


As such, if we are still different, we should accept this fact and build technology that will serve our own interests.


Imagine you are striving to grow the business you run (which is ultimately a non-charitable business with regard to environmental goals). Make investments, manage to collect good merchandise, make more contracts, but you are sabotaged from within by your own employees.


I know, it doesn’t happen to you.


However, I would like to think if I asked you now could you in 5 minutes tell me what your maintenance costs and downtime costs are with the staff (ie staff loss because the equipment is not operating properly)?


Well now imagine how an online tool that can give you data as things evolve, maintenance is respected, staff is trained and monitored production can make a difference. We at Recondis have developed such an instrument.


Under the shortage of skilled labor force, we will have to implement more and more autonomous intelligent systems for waste management. We say that it should be a pleasure and we should start these investments before the events overwhelm us.


Trends in waste processing equipment


In sorting stations we use optical sorters that use algorithms derived from A.I. (artificial intelligence) . Sorting robots using artificial intelligence have replaced human personnel sorting on sorting platforms. Now we can automatically control the entire waste management process from entering the sorting station, processing it, baling with baling presses and evacuating the residual fraction through the transfer station.


It is true that this equipment does not get sick, do not ask for food, will not leave, do not have too high claims, but require maintenance. Still not repairing themselves :)) This process can become extremely expensive if we do not use adequate tools for monitoring and planning maintenance and service operations for baling presses, sorting stations and waste transfer stations. Recondis Technology SRL can deliver equipment to you and provides a system for automatic monitoring and recording of both production and service operations performed or planned for the future. This will give you a complete report on the results.



For example, in this sorting station we have:


Smart receiving bunkers that feed the sorting station with waste only if they receive signal from the central computer depending on the loading of the sorting machines. But they have temporary storage capacity to ensure continuity of operations


Optical sorters can be programmed for sorting different smaller materials because they have communicated automatically with the robotic arms of the presorting phase which have extracted the larger materials. Either they are waste or recyclable of larger dimensions. All the operator has to do is enter the desired results. The machines can communicate with each other to achieve these results.


Everything goes to the waste baler. Which automatically takes over the materials. One at a time without mixing and bale it.


How does the system work?


Let’s take for example a waste sorting station where we have several equipment integrated. An IT system monitors all the processes that take place. Thus, the information comes from the waste baler, the optical sorter, the ballistic separator for waste, sorting robots, filling bunkers and they are processed using specialized software called SCADA.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SCADA This name comes from English and means Supervisory control and data acquisition.



That is, a system for collecting, processing data and controlling processes in real time. Now that we have clarified this aspect, we can move on with the conviction that each machine manufacturer can configure it as needed or on an open source platform. This includes both data on the real-time operating parameters and data received from the maintenance and service module offered free of charge by Recondis. Thus as an operator you can adjust the workflow to get the desired results or you can follow the maintenance schedule to optimize the costs of operating the installations and to avoid losses.


A module to view maintenance and free service


Recondis has developed a module called Recondis Reports that is currently under evaluation and allows you to view the maintenance processes required for the equipment you operate for the time being. This module can be operated in conjunction with a SCADA system or can be used separately if you do not have a SCADA configured. At the base is an online application where you can log in (sign up) from the revamped website. This application supports records of service operations performed on your equipment. It gives you quick access to the service reports regarding the operations performed, the number of hours invested, the cost of the used parts, the recurrence with which you have done service and many more.


The application works both on your computer and as an online application on your mobile phone or tablet. It is easy to use and in the test version you have free assistance from Recondis.


You can schedule service or you can just see when the next scheduled intervention will be. You have an event calendar available in the app. This will keep you up to date with maintenance and you will no longer risk losses due to the sudden falls of the equipment.


One of the most important benefits you will get when you use this application is to see how much it costs to operate the equipment and you will be able to make a proper planning. Regarding the operation of the equipment, it is possible to configure including reports on the daily or hourly production of the equipment defined in the application.


Another important aspect is the advantage it offers in compulsory reporting to the authorities in the field of labor protection. This way you can offer a complete report with revisions and service performed during normal time. You will get a service seal attesting the mandatory checks.



Works for any equipment you have. The only condition is to do maintenance or if you have not done so before and you have a fall of the machine to record the operations in the system.


It’s free


The evaluation version is free until the end of 2020 and so it will remain for those who register until this date in the system. You will benefit from all the features of the application and all available updates.


If you log in and like it, we do not ask for anything in return, unless you have the pleasure of making a small donation to the Green Help Internațional. Well…. This is another success story that Recondis supports. But about that in a future article. However, you can find out more by going to the following link.


Do you want to benefit from this application?


All you have to do is access the following Recondis Reports link now and sign up for the app. Once this account is created and entered in the application, we will contact you and together with you we will make the configurations according to your specific.

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