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When you have worked for your money and you want the investments to bear fruit. You only accept what is efficient….


Let’s talk a little about compactors. These are closed containers provided with only one door at the back, for emptying the materials. This equipment is fitted with a system for pressing the materials fed. This system is connected directly by welding or via a mechanical joint.

The systems connected by welding are called mobile compactors and their disadvantage is the small working volume of up to 22 m3. Their advantage is the high mobility.

Mechanically connected systems are called static compactors and the main advantage is the large volume of the containers, up to 40 m3. These systems have as construction feature the fixed pressing part and the changeable containers. This is also their disadvantage.

Caution!!! These compactors do not bale. Both pieces of equipment are intended for the compaction of sorted/unsorted municipal waste or of recyclable materials and their transport over short distances.

Now … what is a SHARKTAINER?

A Sharktainer equipment is a 32 m3 fully mobile compactor, with a high pressing force that guarantees loading at least 6 tonnes of recyclable materials.

It includes the benefits of both types of compactors, namely:

  • It has a large working volume
  • It’s completely mobile
  • It does not exceed 7 meters long.

The constructive secret of this equipment is the folding hopper. At the same time, this hopper offers an advantage to the operators thanks to the capacity of 5 m3/feeding.


Yes, the price is higher than that of the classic technologically outdated equipment. But it is not double compared to this equipment. Instead, this equipment allows you to transport the equivalent of two 18 m3 compactors because the Sharktainer compactor also has a high pressing force.

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