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Owning your own business is probably the dream of many people. The road to professional success can often be difficult, and once you reach your initial goals you certainly want to improve your business and streamline your costs.

One of the basic aspects to be considered in any field is how to manage recyclable waste. In this regard, there are numerous industrially-made equipment, but these often involve high costs and are also difficult to maintain.

If you have already used such instruments, you have certainly noticed that such an investment has not yielded long-term beneficial effects. And if you are in the situation where you plan to make such a purchase, you should consider an efficient and easy to manage method.

For over 35 years, the Recondis team has produced and distributed manually-made balers so that business owners can benefit from an optimal solution for their activity. Here’s how you can streamline your waste recycling management process.


3 Essential steps for the management of recyclable waste


Inventory the types of recyclable waste

Regardless of the type your activity, there are various categories of recyclable waste that can be baled using a baler. Therefore, the diversity of Recondis equipment allows the baling of a wide range of waste such as: plastic, paper, cardboard, textiles, household waste, RDFs, HDPEs, foils, straws and even sponge.

Therefore, it is important to draw up a list of the recyclable waste produced in the workspace of your company. You can thus easily choose the right type of baler.

Choose the right baler

Each baler model is designed to cover a diverse range of recyclable waste. Therefore, a single equipment includes the functionality of several tools for waste management.

Depending on the type of activity, the size of the storage space, as well as the quantity of recyclable waste that require baling, you have a variety of tools at your disposal. For example, you can opt for an automatic baler or a semi-automatic baler, each of which is available in small, medium or large sizes.

Whatever model is appropriate to your needs, we assure you that you will no longer have to worry about hiring companies specialized in the collection or management of waste and you will be able to streamline the work in your space.

3 Enjoy the benefits of a baler

Once you have purchased an appropriate baler, you enjoy the security of a long-term investment that includes a number of clear benefits. One of the main advantages is the efficiency of the expenses incurred with the traditional stages of recyclable waste management (their collection and storage). Thus, you will be able to manage your budget easier and allocate financial resources to other crucial activities in your field.

You will also save valuable time and personnel, as each baler has an easy-to-access operating system. Therefore, the number of people required to handle the baler is low.

Last but not least, our team provides you with various useful accessories, such as cooling systems to save energy or a PET bottle perforator.

We hope that the stages of recyclable waste management will be useful to you in successfully carrying out your daily activities. If you are convinced that such equipment is necessary for your business as well, please discover the solutions made available by the Recondis specialists.

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