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The management of recyclable waste is a complex process. From waste collection, to transportation and recovery, each step requires time and costs. All these actions can be easily streamlined with the help of special equipment for handling waste types and of third-party companies specialized in their collection.

Consequently, regardless of the type of business you own, you need to allocate financial resources in this regard and to make sure that the recyclable waste related to your field of activity does not affect the smooth running of things. With various types of waste to be managed, you have certainly already invested or are planning to invest in expensive, but difficult to handle and maintain equipment.

The ideal solution is far more accessible than you think. Waste balers are the method you need to improve your business processes and streamline costs. From a previous article you can find out which types of balers (link here to the article Types of balers used for baling waste) are suitable for your business.

Until you come to a decision of the model of baler appropriate for your situation, we invite you to find out which are the categories of recyclable waste that can be easily baled using the balers manufactured and distributed by Recondis.


What types of recyclable waste can be baled using Recondis equipment?

Recondis balers are the perfect equipment for managing various types of waste, regardless of the size of your business. Find out which categories of waste can be easily baled.

1. Plastic waste

The most common recyclable waste produced in various industries is plastic. In most cases, PET bottles are present in significant quantities.

With a suitable baler, you get rid of unused plastics quickly and easily.

2. Waste paper or cardboard

Whatever your area of activity, you use various stationery products in your daily work. Therefore, the processes of your business contribute to the generation of paper waste.

Moreover, if you own a warehouse, a supermarket or a printing house, the boxes or crates are just as usual and require labour to be handled. Fortunately, a baler can help you significantly reduce the need to hire additional administrative personnel.

Each baler model is operated with the help of simple controls, which simplifies the way waste is managed.

3. Textile waste

The textile industry is also part of the fields that generate recyclable waste in large quantities. That’s why the Recondis range of balers is the perfect solution to improve your business processes and easily manage waste.

4. Household waste

This category of waste is also produced in a large volume, requiring efficient management. As a result, the owners of sanitation companies or those dealing with the collection of recyclable materials can significantly reduce the costs by simply converting household waste into bales.

5. Other waste

The balers are suitable for managing a wide range of recyclable waste. In addition to the above, they can also be used to manage RDFs, foils, straw, HDPEs or even sponge.

The baling of recyclable waste is easier than you think. Check the wide range of waste balers produced and distributed by Recondis and select the right equipment for your business.

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