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Do you own a business and monthly need to spend extra time and money for waste collection and storage? Are you still looking for a solution that will meet your needs or serve the needs of your field of activity? In this case, this article is for you.

Thanks to the technological and industrial development, balers are the right solution for all waste generators and collectors. Do you want to find out how such equipment can help you? Find out below 5 advantages of the balers that certainly bring added value to your company.


The advantages of a baler


1 Cost efficiency

Buying a recyclable waste baler is definitely a long-term investment. Once you decide to purchase the right baler for your needs, your monthly worries about storing waste in the workspace disappear.

Thus, you will no longer have to allocate a monthly budget to contract companies to collect or store the recyclable waste, nor to assign a dedicated team for this activity. A baler offers you the ideal solution to automatically handle such situations.

2 Adaptability

Recondis balers allow you to recycle your waste quickly and easily. Whether it’s plastic foils, PET bottles, paper, packaging, cardboard, straw, plastic crates or other soft plastic items, you needn’t worry any more.

Whatever type of baler you prefer, there are numerous accessories you can select for it to fully serve the optimum baling mode, according to the types of recyclable waste.

3 Efficiency and comfort

From now on, you can forget about the tools that are difficult to handle and maintain. The automatic or semi-automatic balers provide you with a very simple to use system.

The intuitive operating system gives allows you to handle the baler using simple controls so that you can compact various waste quantities. Therefore, all you have to do is actuate a few operating options and enjoy the benefits of such equipment.

Furthermore, if you select a mobile baler, you no longer have to address any logistical issues, as you can easily relocate it and move it where it is needed.

4 Saving time and energy consumption

Unlike other types of waste management equipment, the operating system of the balers is electrical. As a result, the oil is used only for the smooth running of the engine, and a hydraulic oil cooler can be added to the baler upon request. In this way, the engine overheating is avoided and the energy consumption is reduced, increasing the efficiency of the baling equipment.

At the same time, the balers ensure an optimum balancing process, based on several stages of waste management. This saves you from allocating a lot of personnel, making the waste management much faster.

# 5 Simple to store

Regardless of the selected model of the baler, you can be sure that you will have no problems in storing it. Given the diversity of models and the fact that there is the possibility to benefit from balers made to order, it will surely fit the available space.

Furthermore, the balers can be both horizontal and vertical, so you can choose the one that best fits your workspace. Moreover, compared to containers and other tools, a baler requires only one storage space, leaving room for storing other useful equipment for your business.

Are you convinced that your business needs a baler and of its benefits? Please browse the categories of equipment produced and distributed by Recondis and choose the one that suits your field of activity.

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