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20 m3 special vehicle for household waste collection


  • Operation as garbage truck/compactor
  • Integrated bin loader
  • Feeding by waste bells and igloos
  • Compaction rate ranging from 1:3 to 1:20
  • Working volume 18 m3
  • Productivity 120 m3/hour
  • Easy selective collection of waste
  • It can be moved from one truck to another. Flexibility without borders

Brief description of the equipment

This construction is simple but ingenious. It presses loaded waste at a force of 40 tons. It is operated electrically and hydraulically connected to the Abrollkipper (Hook Truck). The operator connects and disconnects the waste collection special vehicle. It is fitted with quick couplings and can be moved from one truck to another.

A great advantage of this garbage truck is the fact that it can be used on the ground as a compactor. It has an integrated electric motor that runs on the ground. Thus, it does not lose its investment value.

It was originally created to pick up the waste collected selectively at the source. But the experience in the field has shown us that it can successfully replace a classical garbage truck for the collection of unsorted household waste.

The construction consists of welded steel plates and profiles. Optionally, these can be made of Hardox, abrasion resistant steel, or COR-TEN Steel, rust resistant steel.

They are manufactured on the chassis of a compactor. These constructions are used in the civilian environment but they are tested and have their origin in the military environment in Germany. They can be mainly built up to a maximum of 22 m3 working volume.

The compaction rate ranges from 1:5 to 1:20, similar to a compactor. This differs depending on the composition of the collected waste. The average weight recorded in Romania is 10 tonnes of waste for 20 m3 working volume.

This equipment is used for the transport and compaction of household waste.  The Sideloader garbage trucks are welded metal containers at the end of which is welded a feeding opening with a pressing ram with hydraulic cylinders.

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Description SIDELOADER 20M³
Bailing force:tf40
Hydraulic engineBar160
Hydraulic engine flow ratel/minMax. 40 with takeover from Abrollkipper
Auxiliary engine:kW5,5
Bailing cycle:s45
Productivity calculated without material:m³/h120
Actual productivity:m³/h90. According to the structure of the waste fed
Working volume:20
Hopper:mm2200 x 1770
Hopper volume1,6
Mode of operation Automatic, 5 strokes
Compacted materials Household waste, selectively collected waste
Hydraulic bin loader Included for 1100, 240 and 120 l containers and comb type.
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  1. Crane loader for bells, igloos or waste collection underground containers.
  2. Integrated PET bottle perforator with hydraulic engine.
  3. Chopper for plant debris or wood waste. Operated by a hydraulic engine. Adapted in the feeding opening.
  4. They can operate connected to Abrollkipper or bypass for power supply.
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The household waste is compacted in the container attached to the feeding opening. Thus, the compaction is carried out in a single-volume container. The constructive design prevents leachate leakage, being tightly sealed. Household waste collected selectively is thus transported to the sorting plant.

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