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Vertical balers for waste materials


Discover the advantages of the balers made by Recondis!
• Vertical balers with Technofeed Logic™ components
• Electric motor: 220 V ÷ 380 V
• Pressing force: 4 tf ÷ 50 tf
• Fastest press cycle: 32 sec
• Productivity kg/hour: 150 kg ÷ 1000 kg
• The bale is ejected automatically
• Bale weight: 40 kg ÷ 500 kg
• Ideal for baling: cardboard, foil, PET, small plastic caskets, HDPE, textiles, foam, paper etc.

Brief description of the equipment

Vertical balers for waste materials

Waste balers were designed and manufactured to assist the user in processing large waste volumes. Depending on the waste type and the desired baling method, the balers can be manual, semi-automated, with closed end, with two automated pressing chambers, or automated channel balers. The advantages offered by baling the waste consist in reducing the volume of waste materials, and the costs associated with waste storage and transport and optimizing the storage area and handling operations. In numbers, a baler reduces the surface occupied by waste materials by up to 90%.

Do you want to reduce the volume of packaging materials at the production sites or supermarkets? Do you need an equipment to help you in obtaining bales that can be sold directly on the recyclable materials market? You have reached the right place!

The vertical waste balers manufactured by Recondis are sturdy pieces of equipment, made of welded steel that optimize the baling process of all packaging materials. They are specially designed for retailers or manufacturers who aim to optimize their business and save a significant amount of time and resources.

Moreover, Heavy Duty versions can be used by the operators of recyclable waste material collecting centres.

The vertical balers are easy to operate, as they work only in manual mode. The loading operation, followed by pressing operation, is intuitive and repetitive, and this means that there is no need for a team of operators to operate the equipment in good conditions.

At Recondis, we rely on manufacturers which have over 30 years of experience in manufacturing, installation and commissioning. Our balers are renowned worldwide for the technological benefits. The vertical bale range contains robust equipment that is easily to operate and has all the necessary safety features.

These vertical balers are suitable for both start-up recycle companies, as well as factories, commercial centres, hotels, hospitals, warehouses and local manufacturers.

Loading the vertical balers can be done manually through the front side, and the processed materials can vary from: cardboard, foil, plastic, PET, paper to any other type of recyclable material. Additionally, you will benefit from 24/7 service assistance for your equipment.

Do you need a high-quality recyclable waste baler that is easy to operate and will help you obtain significant savings in the long run?


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RCD 25

RCD 50

Power supply

230 V/ 50 Hz

230 V/ 50 Hz

380 V/ 50 Hz

380 V/ 50 Hz

Electric motor power

1.1 kW

1.5 kW

4 kW

5.5 kW

IP class

IP 54

IP 54

IP 54

IP 54

Pressing force

4 tons-force

5 tons-force

25 tons-force

50 tons-force

Pressing stroke

610 mm

700 mm

750 mm

890 mm

Equipment weight

340 kg

350 kg

1450 kg

2370 kg

Working dimensions / Transport dimensions (L x W x H)

900x736x2100 mm


900x736x1800 mm


938x774x2300 mm


938x774x1800 mm


1812x1045x2837 mm


1812x1045x2380 mm


2276x1177x3355 mm


2276x1177x3355 mm


Feed hopper (WxH)

700×540 mm

700×540 mm

1200 x 500 mm

1180 x 550 mm

Press cycle

32 sec

34 sec

40 sec

37 sec

Bale weight*

Max 50 kg

Max 70 kg

Max 400 kg

Max 550 kg

Bale size in the press chamber**

700x700x500 mm

700x700x500 mm

1200x750x1000 mm

1200x750x1000 mm

Noise level

Up to 68 dB

Up to 70 dB

Up to 80 dB

Up to 80 dB

Bale tying method

With 2 straps or wires

With 2 straps or wires

With 4 straps or wires

With 4 straps or wires

Options Bale ejection

Bale cart

Bale cart


Hydraulic automated


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* Recondis reserves the right to change the technical data and dimensions of the presented equipment without notifying the visitors of this presentation site. The exact specifications can be sent to the technical offer. The information presented on this website does not create any obligation for Recondis.

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