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Carpați 20 m3 recyclable waste compactor


  • Compactors compatible with the Abrollkipper DIN transport system
  • Productivity of up to 120 m3/h
  • Working volume 20 m3
  • Jumbo hopper for large waste
  • Compaction rate between 1:3 and 1:20 *according to the material fed
  • Between 2 and 4 tonnes/compactor. According to the material fed.
  • 24/24 service support.

Brief description of the equipment

This compactor is used for the transport and compaction of recyclable materials.  The compactors are welded metal containers at the end of which a hopper with a pressing ram with hydraulic cylinders is welded.

This equipment can be fitted, as optional devices, systems to increase productivity such as:

Bin loader

Ramp feeding bucket

Indoor feeding bucket

Two bailing chambers for selective collection

The materials are compacted in the container attached to the hopper. Thus, the compaction is carried out in a single-volume container. They transport over short distances the compacted materials the volume of which has been thus reduced. Usually, from the generator to the collection or sanitation company yard.  Here they are unloaded through the back emptying door and loaded into a baler to obtain the bales for the transport over long distances until the final recovery operator.

Do you need compactors that are easy to use and directly contribute to increased productivity in the workplace?

We provide a wide range of equipment, fast technical support and manufacturer’s warranty.

The ideal users of these compactors are the companies that collect recyclable materials, the large logistical warehouses or the sanitation companies as well as the production units.

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Description UM Carpați 20 m3 compactor Carpați 20 m3 compactor with bin loader
Bailing force: tf 35
Engine power: kW 5.5
Bailing cycle: s 40
Productivity calculated without material: m³/h 120
Actual productivity: m³/h 90. According to the hardness of the material fed
Container capacity: 20
Hopper: mm 2200 x 1950
Hopper volume: 2.6
Mode of operation:   Automatic, 5 strokes
Compacted materials:   Foil, PET, textiles, paper, cardboard
Hardox-lined bailing chamber   Included Included
Hydraulic loader for 1100, 240 and 120 liters tanks     Included – comb type
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See the diagram below for dimensions.

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