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CD60 Close End semi-automatic horizontal balers


  • Robust design, designed for long-term use
  • Easy operation, semi-automatic control
  • Pressing force of 60 t
  • Bailing cycle of 53 sec
  • Productivity between 40 – 48 m3/h, according to the feeding
  • It can make bales up to 600 kg * according to the type of material
  • It is fitted with a regenerative hydraulic power pack for increased productivity
  • On request, it can be fitted with an oil cooler, PET bottle perforator, feeding conveyor, anti-lock system and hardox bailing chamber
  • It reduces the waste transport costs
  • It reduces personnel and labour costs

Brief description of the equipment

Do you want to reduce personnel costs in your workspace? Do you want to save time with easy to maintain and use equipment?

With the help of the Close End semi-automatic horizontal presses, we provide you with the technological capacity necessary for waste baling. These balers are highly productive and easy and fast to operate. Thanks to the solid construction of hardox, the semi-automatic waste balers can be kept in operation for a long time, without disturbing the attention of your personnel from important activities.

At Recondis, we sell industrial waste balers manufactured to the highest technical standards. They are manufactured manually, without factory castings or equipment made by robots and hard to find specific assemblies. As a result, each press is manually verified for quality assurance and customized to the needs of your industry.

These Close End semi-automatic horizontal waste balers are the main category of equipment a recycler chooses to develop its company. They are suitable for recycling waste such as PET, cardboard, foil, paper, plastics etc.

Although they are automatic, the binding is manual. They are based on the construction frame of the automatic waste balers, but they also have a closed end to increase the weight of the bale by 30%. Due to the closed end, these semi-automatic horizontal balers easily bale difficult materials such as cardboard pallets, plastic crates, rubber, polystyrene, aluminium cans, etc.

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Bailing force:tf60
Engine power:kW22
Bailing cycle:s53
Productivity calculated without material:m³/h68
Actual productivity:m³/h40 – 48. According to the hardness of the material fed.
Productivity in tonnes/hour:t/hBetween 1 and 1.5. According to the volumetric density of the material actually fed in the hopper
Hopper:L x W, mm1350 x 1050
Hopper volume or volume/bailing cycle1,063
Baler weight:kg6500
Bale dimensions:Î x l x L, mm1050 x 750 x length varying up to 1200
Bale weight:kg500, but it depends on the density of each material
Mode of operation Semi-automatic
Binding system 4-wire horizontal manual
Reference material for these calculations OCC cardboard
Possible materials for baling Foil, PET, textiles, paper, RDF, household waste, straw
Productivity with materials other than cardboard It changes according to the feeding
Oil cooler OPTIONAL
PET bottle perforator OPTIONAL
Feeding conveyor OPTIONAL
Regenerative hydraulic power pack OPTIONAL
Hardox-lined bailing chamber OPTIONAL
Anti-lock system OPTIONAL
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* Recondis reserves the right to change the technical data and dimensions of the presented equipment without notifying the visitors of this presentation site. The exact specifications can be sent to the technical offer. The information presented on this website does not create any obligation for Recondis.

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Close End CD60 horizontal waste baler is suitable for baling a wide range of materials, such as foil, PET, textile, paper, RDF, household waste, straw, etc. It is easy to handle and ensures low energy consumption, as well as cost-effective labor. The loading is done automatically and is equipped with a unique locking mechanism at the end.

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