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SUPER90 automatic baler


  • Fully automatic baler
  • For medium-size applications
  • Pressing cycle: 22 s
  • Productivity: 135 – 155 m3/h
  • Bamatic binding system, easy to use and maintain
  • Oil cooling as standard equipment for energy saving
  • 24/7 service support

Brief description of the equipment

The SPR90 equipment is the right choice for baling a large range of materials, such as foil, plastic, PET, paper, cardboard, RDF, straw or household waste. These balers are easy to operate and they are fitted with an automatic binding system that does not jam or break.

It provides the technological capacity needed for waste baling in your space! Unlike the balers manufactured using industrial robots and factory castings, the Recondis range balers are easy to operate, offer high productivity and help reduce the costs of your business.

Our experience of over 35 years in the manufacture and distribution of automatic waste balers makes us a reliable supplier for equipment that streamline labour costs in your space.

These balers are not fitted with hard to find specific assemblies, as they are built and checked manually, for quality assurance. They operate simply, fully automatic and are also fitted with an efficient regenerative hydraulic system.

These medium-size automatic waste balers are recommended for any type of material, such as: cardboard, paper, foil, crates, PET bottles, biodegradable waste, RDF, textiles, etc. They can handle activities generating, on average, up to 170 m3 of recyclable materials/h.

The ideal users for this type of balers are: companies that collect recyclable materials, large logistical warehouses or sanitation companies.

Featuring increased efficiency, manufacturer’s warranty, fast service independent of the manufacturer and an innovative design, this equipment is the ideal choice for increasing energy efficiency and productivity in your workspace.

Discover the models of medium-size automatic waste balers!

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DescriptionUMSUPER90Super90 cu bandă transportoareSuper90 cu bandă transportoare si perforator pet
Bailing forcetf90
Engine power:kW37
Bailing cycle:s22
Productivity calculated without material:m³/h226
Actual productivity:m³/h135 – 155. According to the hardness of the material fed
Productivity in tonnes/hour:t/hBetween 3 and 7. According to the volumetric density of the material actually fed in the feeding chamber
Variabilă modificare productivitatet/hProductivitatea în tone/oră se modifică în funcție de densitatea materialului alimentat/m³. De exemplu, cartonul este mai greu decât PET-ul. Acest lucru înseamnă că obțineți mai multe tone/oră dacă alimentați presa cu același număr de metri cubi.
Hopper:W x L, mm1800 x 1020
Hopper volume or volume/bailing cycle1,38
Baler weight:kg8500
Bale dimensions:H x W x L, mm1100 x 1100 x length varying from 800 to 2000
Bale weight:kg450, but it depends on the density of each material
Mode of operation Automatic
Binding system 4-wire horizontal automatic
Reference material for these calculations OCC cardboard
Possible materials for baling Foil, PET, textiles, paper, RDF, household waste, straw
Productivity with materials other than cardboard It changes according to the feeding
Oil cooler Included
PET bottle perforator Available on requestInclus
Feeding conveyor Available on requestIncluded
Regenerative hydraulic power pack Included
Anti-lock system Available on requestIncluded
Hardox-lined bailing chamber Available on requestIncluded
Controller and interface DELTA PLC and 7” touch screen
Baling programs 4 automatic predefined programs. Ability to create up to 20 automatic baling programs.
Connectivity for service diagnostics Connection to the manufacturer’s order centre via the Internet
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