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Station with 8 positions for sorting recyclable waste


  • Possibility to adapt new equipment, if necessary
  • 2 hoppers and 8 sorters
  • Total wheelbase 11500 x 5000 mm
  • Maximum productivity of 20 m3/h
  • 24/7 service support

Brief description of the equipment

Station with 8 positions for sorting recyclable waste – 20 m3 / h

Selective collection, recycling and treatment of waste should be a priority for each of us. Therefore, we offer you the opportunity to observe the current greening trends, which appeared with Romania’s accession to the European Union.

Be an efficient entrepreneur and adopt the selective household waste collection! With the help of waste sorting plants manufactured at high quality standards you will be one step ahead of the competition. For over 35 years, we have been manually manufacturing equipment for selective waste collection, ensuring thorough verification and guaranteed quality.

At present, our equipment is recognized and appreciated worldwide for its durability and robustness.

We provide easy to use equipment with efficient energy consumption, which will help you process more. A waste sorting plant offers you a facility that increases efficiency and helps you win.

With the help of waste sorting plants, you can take advantage of the processing of a wide range of materials:

Paper: white paper, newspapers, magazines, paper mixed with folders, books

Plastic waste: PET bottles, films, HDPE, shampoo, oil, milk etc. packaging, plastic pipes, construction plastic waste

Glass waste: colourless and coloured glass

Metallic waste: iron cans, aluminium cans, metal waste from household appliances, other metals such as aluminium, copper, brass, bronze, cast iron, etc.

Wood waste: materials used in packaging

The structure of a simple metallic platform for sorting waste is as follows:

  • Area for the unloading waste from selective collection. A concrete platform usually
  • Hopper with conveyor belt with metallic tracks for waste takeover.
  • Metal sorting platform with 2 collection hoppers and 8 sorters
  • Variable speed conveyor belt, made of rubber, for the sorting itself of the recyclable materials.
  • Access ladder


A number of machines ensure the separation of waste according to its type and composition, such as:

  • shredder or loosener (bag opener)
  • rotary sieve for waste
  • vibrating belt
  • electrostatic separator
  • magnetic separator for waste
  • starred sorting belts
  • optical separator for waste
  • ballistic separator for waste
  • sorting robots


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Our efforts translate into projects that have brought us satisfaction.

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Belt widthmm1200
Belt lengthmm12000
Horizontal lengthmm3500
Electric enginekW3
Speed control YES
Engine voltageV400
Rated currentA12
Sorting spacemm5000 x 5000
Number of hoppersPcs2
Hopper lengthmm5000
Hopper heightmm2350
Hopper widthmm2500
Number of sorters/hopperPersoane4
Number of sorting openings/hopperbuc4
Engine powerkW1,1
Supply voltageV400
Variable speed YES
Gear motor YES


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1. System for the automatic unloading of the hoppers
Electrically actuated metallic flap with two engines and pulling chain. To be fitted/hopper.
Intended for the automatic unloading of the hopper where the materials are sorted to the conveyor belt feeding the baler.


2. Conditioned booth for waste sorting
It is fitted with cold/hot air conditioning appliances
A turbine blower for fresh outside air intake
Adequate lighting
Service door

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To make sure the baler fits into your location, check the diagram and dimensions below:

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* Recondis reserves the right to change the technical data and dimensions of the presented equipment without notifying the visitors of this presentation site. The exact specifications can be sent to the technical offer. The information presented on this website does not create any obligation for Recondis.

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We provide you with easy-to-use equipment with efficient energy consumption, which will help you process more. A waste sorting station offers you a facility that increases efficiency and helps you win.

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