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When searching the internet for this equipment, be sure to add “HIGH MAINTENANCE COSTS” or “ENERGY INTENSIVE”


You see, the operating cost is not immediately apparent but this is the factor that in the long run determines the growth or regression of a business due to the lack of liquidities.

The field of processing recyclable materials has not escaped either this very harmful scourge of the economy – the use of outdated technology.  I’m not saying that using second-hand equipment is a bad thing. But there is equipment from the category “animated old beasts” and reconditioned, revamped equipment.

Take for example the technical characteristics: If, in the 2000s, a 45 kW engine was required to produce 5 to/hour, today we can achieve the same through put with only 30 kW.

15 kW/h x the average hourly consumption x 8 hours/day x 21 days/month = 483 kW – LOSS x 5 years … you calculate and imagine that this money could be yours.

If the use of second-hand balers is cheaper in terms of energy, things are different when it comes to labour. It is known that we purchase such equipment, be it a compactor or a foil, cardboard, plastic, etc. baler, with the lowest price in mind.

If we analyse the cost of labour, we will realize the following: 4 workers are often needed to serve an old or undersized baler.

And we pay at least RON 1500 to the worker plus 70% as contributions to the state budget. That means RON 1050.

You see … at most 2 persons are needed to operate a modern recyclable material baler.

We consume twice the labour to operate an inadequate equipment. Namely, RON 3000 net salary for two workers x 12 months = RON 36,000 x 5 years = RON 180,000. Plus the taxes RON 1050 x 2 workers x 12 months x 5 years = RON 126,000.

Great! You have just lost RON 306,000 = EUR 68,000

Keep calm, things can get even worse. We cannot measure the opportunity cost. An opportunity to contract more when you are limited by the old equipment you have already paid.


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