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Our history

For over 10 years, at Recondis Technology we have been supporting our customers from all over the world, providing them with recyclable waste baling equipment produced in Romania and also imported.


Our slogan is “Properly made equipment” and this is our motto, as we advocate for the continuous development of the technologies we offer.


Our mission in the market is to facilitate the access of the recycling factors to high performance, reliable and affordable industrial equipment.

Through everything we do, we are dedicated to the development of recyclable waste baling technologies precisely because this is the only way we can contribute to reducing pollution, increasing recycling and meeting the legal objectives for selective waste collection.

Our role is to support each partner in analysing their technological needs. However, the biggest support is provided by our equipment service and operation support department, which ensures its proper functioning throughout its use by the beneficiaries.


History of Recondis

Looking back, we invite you to discover some essential facts from the history of Recondis:

  • 2008: Recondis is created by the founder, acting as a self-employed person. Initially, we were also equipment distributors. However, from this position, it was difficult for us to control in detail the quality of the services offered.
  • 2010-2013: the limited liability company is established, firstly as Technoreko. We decided that it was the right time to produce some of the equipment offered in Romania. This is how the Recondis factory in Sighișoara was created.
  • 2014: this is year when the name of the company was chosen: RECONDIS TECHNOLOGY, which we proudly bear today.


Together we support quality

At Recondis, we are constantly improving. We seek to constantly improve our working conditions, the quality of life of the employees of the company, so as to serve the needs of our clients in the shortest time. Together with them, we work every day to offer them great results.

In our projects we use both imported equipment and equipment produced in the Recondis factory in Sighișoara, Romania. One of the biggest reasons to be proud is the possibility of offering high quality local products to the local and international market.

We also support our customers through the programme of renting recyclable waste baling equipment, in cases where their budget is limited for such investments. We also offer consultancy on obtaining financing for the purchase of baling equipment and we are with our clients every day, to make their work processes more efficient.

We invite you to choose the properly made Recondis equipment!

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