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Why us

Acordam 3 ani garantie totala.
Service dedicat la tine in judet
Asigurare de garantie pentru repunerea in functiune in urma unui defect in maxim 3 zile.
Consumabile cu puncte refolosibile. Poti consuma punctele pentru comenzi noi sau pentru service.
Donam si impreuna suntem mai puternici. ONG Recondis HelP
Produse premium


At Recondis we reconsider how to offer the equipment together with the adjacent services.
We are specialists in waste management equipment.


Expertise in compaction solutions
We provide you with the widest range of industrial equipment for waste processing and compaction.


Solutie vanzari prese balotat


If you are looking for financing solutions to support investments, at Recondis we offer you a whole selection of leasing companies that accept the financing of these equipments.


Solutii de finantare



  • We have reconsidered how to provide this service. We make daily efforts to provide you with a local support partner for maintenance and operational assistance with a maximum response time of 24 hours.
  • We keep spare parts in stock with real-time delivery


Our service allows us to ensure both the maintenance of the equipment and their complete refurbishment. We provide service for waste balers and compactor , support in Romania.


Service echipamente reciclare


Equipment for rent
Choose the flexible solution for waste collection! Recondis offers you two types of waste balers and recyclable materials for rent .


Presa de balotat deseuri automata mobila

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