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Vertical waste balers

RCD 50 vertical baler

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RCD30 vertical baler

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RCD 18 vertical baler

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With the help of the vertical baling press with manual loading system can be recycled in bales recyclable waste, after which they can be transported as bales to the recycling company.

Features of the press:

– Compression in a compact bale regardless of material
– No time delay due to automatic control
– Operation with the help of one person
– Balls between 50 kg and 500 kg
– They have a maximum capacity of up to 0.5 tones / hour

These presses have the ability to balance doses of aluminum, raffia, textiles, plastic crates, cardboard, foil, pet, etc.

Maybe these presses are not suitable for your needs then click on our larger models like the semi-automatic press SUPER 60SA with a capacity of 1.5 tones / hour or on the full automatic press SUPER 50 with a capacity of 2 tones / hour.

See also household waste pre-containers. An investment required according to the environmental regulations in force (pre-disposal of household waste) for the disposal of household or industrial waste.

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