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Close End horizontal balers

CD60 Close End semi-automatic horizontal balers

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One of the main constructive features of this equipment is the solid steel door at the end of the pressing tunnel. This is why they are called closed end presses. And the main advantage is to obtain high density bales.

This type of construction is not characterized by high productivity, but it gives you the possibility to load difficult materials. You get heavy bale regardless of the baled material.

Features of the press:

– Compression in a compact bale regardless of material
– No time delay due to automatic control with automatic start
– Operation with the help of one person
– Balls between 300 kg and 700 kg
– They have a maximum capacity of up to 1 ton / hour
– Optional such as feed tape or pet drill can be installed

These presses have the ability to balance doses of aluminum, raffia, textiles, plastic crates, cardboard, foil, pet, etc.

If you consider productivity as the main factor and you do not have to weigh difficult materials then you can consider our larger models such as the SUPER 75 automatic press with a capacity of up to 5 tons / hour.

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