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Small automatic waste balers

Super 50 automatic baler

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Presa deseuri Super 40

Super 40 automatic baler

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Entry level? Are you starting a recyclable business or are you a big manufacturer? Then these equipments are only good for the management of recyclable waste. It gives you total control over your recyclables. With their help reduce the volume of recyclable waste and keep the waste sorted.

These automatic balers, like large or medium sized ones, can receive options such as conveyor belt for feeding, PET punch in the automatic retracting feed mouth or roller for loosening paper. They can also be supplied with a tilting system for bins or other custom containers or an automatic feed can be configured through the piping.
In this category we have 2 waste balers:

SUPER 50 model that can reach a maximum of 60 m3 / hour. With a pressing force of up to 50 tonnes. On the carton this means about 2 tons / hour.

SUPER 40 model that can reach a maximum of 40 m3 / hour. With a pressing force of up to 40 tones. This means about 1.5 tones / hour on the carton.

Maybe these balers are not suitable for your needs then click on our large SUPER 125 models with a capacity of 11 tones / hour or SUPER 150 with a capacity of up to 20 tones / hour or on medium ones such as SUPER 75 with a capacity of 4 tons / hour.

If you happen to have a lot less merchandise because your business object is trade, production, or the like, then you may want to see our vertical balers or semi-automatic horizontal balers.

See also household waste pre-containers. An investment required according to the environmental regulations in force (pre-cleaning of household waste).

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