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Waste balers and Waste sorting stations

We reconsider how to offer you the equipment together with the adjacent services. We are specialists for compaction equipment in waste management.

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RECONDIS Solutions

Freedom to choose performance in processing of waste

Expertise in compaction solutions

We offer you the largest range of industrial equipment for processing and compacting waste


If you are looking for financing solutions to support investments, at Recondis we offer you a large selection of leasing companies that accept the financing of these equipments.


Our service allows us to ensure both the maintenance of the equipment and its complete reconditioning. We provide service for waste balers and compactor, support on the territory of Romania.

Rental equipment

Choose the flexible solution for waste collection! Recondis offers you two types of waste balers for recyclable materials for rent.

Want to see all the RECONDIS equipment? No problem.

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Presa best seller

Automatic waste baler Super 75

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Medium automatic press SUPER75 is the best-selling equipment in the Recondis portfolio. With increased efficiency, manufacturer's warranty, fast service without manufacturer dependence but also innovative design, these equipments are the best choice for increasing energy efficiency and productivity in your workspace.

Authorized Service

Post warranty service available. Our mobile service teams are active 24/7 for technical assistance.

Mobile Technology

The RECONDIS equipment is mobile and compatible with the transport on multilift trucks with hook.

Custom equipment

The RECONDIS equipment is customized according to the materials you want to process.

Best Market equipment

We offer you the best quality / price with the purchase directly from the factory

RECONDIS - Technological Superior

Equipment for national waste recycling – sales, financing, reconditioning, maintenance and technical consultancy.

Acoperire nationala Recondis

European coverage

We serve the whole territory of Europe. No exceptions, no compromise.

Program service Recondis

Service within 48 hours

Emergency maintenance and repairs at any time.

Echipamente best market Recondis


The right choice, premium services and a great experience. This is RECONDIS.

Technical solutions

RECONDIS offers customers mobile development



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